IFTC 2017 TCS hosted International Forum for the Trilateral Cooperation (IFTC) 2017 in Seoul - 2017.04.18
  • Date : 2018.11.19
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The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) hosted International Forum for Trilateral Cooperation (IFTC) 2017, titled “Strengthening Trilateral Cooperation in the Face of New Challenges” on April 18th in Seoul.


The forum gathered high-profile government officials, renowned scholars, journalists and diplomatic community, and attracted more than 300 participants from the three countries. This year, about 30 young public officials from China, Japan, and ROK also joined the forum on the occasion of the 6th Trilateral Partnership Program.


This forum revisited the meaning and outcome of trilateral cooperation through the 3 sub-sessions of “Revisiting the essence of trilateral cooperation in the context of global uncertainty”, “International Economic Policy at a Crossroads – an Opportunity for Trilateral Cooperation”, and “Towards the Promising Future – Practices of the Trilateral Youth Empowerment”. Renowned moderators and speakers from the three countries and ASEAN, EU countries gladly shared their experience and wisdom with the participants and had constructive discussion with each other. More than 30 media journalists participated in the forum and had in-depth interview sessions.


The Forum was attended by dignitaries from the three countries. Mr. Han Sung-joo, Professor Emeritus of Korea University (former Foreign Minister of ROK); Mr. Ogoura Kazuo, President of Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center (former Japanese Ambassador to ROK); and Mr. Li Zhaoxing, President of China Public Diplomacy Association (former Foreign Minister of China) delivered keynote speeches sharing invaluable perspectives on trilateral cooperation. Mr. Lee Jeong-kyu, Deputy Minister for Political Affairs, ROK Foreign Ministry; Mr. Bang Sang-hoon, President of Chosun-Ilbo; Mr. Nagamine Yasumasa, Japanese Ambassador to ROK; Mr. Qiu Guohong, Chinese Ambassador to ROK delivered the congratulatory remarks.

On the opening remarks, Mr. Yang Houlan, Secretary-General of the TCS emphasized that the potential of trilateral cooperation will be the promising bridges for better relationship among the three countries and sincere cooperation will make difference in this region.

Since 2011, the IFTC is one of the brand projects of the TCS to raise the public awareness of the trilateral cooperation, as well as to provide in-depth policy references on future trends of the trilateral cooperation to the three governments. The Forum was sponsored by the prominent media of the three countries – Chosun Ilbo, Asahi Shimbun, and People’s Daily.

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Opening remarks 

Keynote speech by Mr. Han Sung-joo 

Keynote speech by Mr. Ogoura Kazuo  

Keynote speech by Mr. Li Zhaoxing 

Session discussion