IFTC Greetings

We welcome you to join us in this great cause.

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat was established, as an international organization, in September 2011, to contribute to further cooperative relations among the Republic of Korea, Japan and China. Since its establishment, the TCS has made a good progress, and has been exploring and implementing cooperative projects in various fields.

It’s my great honor and pleasure to be the fifth Secretary-General. Let me express my respect to my predecessor, Mr. Lee Jong-heon, who has a great contribution to the TCS.

I have some limited experiences to work in the Republic of Korea and China for 12 and a half years in total as a Japanese diplomat. I will do my best to fulfill my duty, but I need your suggestions and supports, from all 3 countries, in addition to the expertise and zeal of the TCS colleagues.

Often times some of our bilateral relations have difficulties. But I believe, reminding ourselves of the mission given to the TCS by the leaders of the 3 countries, we can develop and deepen the trilateral cooperation for our common interests, and for the next generations.

By Secretary-General Michigami Hisashi